Leigh's Step Choreography

Moves for Free

Try one of these combo's in your next Step class! Come back later for more.

This choreography is intended for experienced, certified instructors. Injuries are possible with any vigorous exercise. The user assumes all risk and liability. Click Here for Official Step Reebok Terminology.

32 Count Combination

Approach Moves Cts
Side Turn step-straddle, exit off end 8
End 1/2 time steps 2X, squat off back, end on top facing front 8
Top Lunge back 4X (single-single-double witha 1/4 hop turn) 8
Top Basic off top, step down, 1 jumping jack 8
Repeat on opposite lead leg. Variation: replace 1/2 steps with run, run, cha-cha-cha.

32 Count Combination

Approach Moves Cts
Side Charleston 1X, Knee lift off end 8
End Across Top 2X 8
End 3-Repeater knee around to front 8
Side Corner to Corner, abduction 8
Repeat on opposite lead leg. Variation: add 1/2 hop turn to abduction, repeat to back.

64 Count Interval Combo

Approach Moves Cts
side turn step - circle on floor, 2 jacks 8
side "A" step 2X 8
side to end up straddle - exit off the end 8
end half time step 2X - parallel squat off top 8
front back lunge 4X off top 8
top basic back 1X, half basic to floor, jack 1X 8
front lift step 4X traveling 16
Repeat on opposite lead leg. - Interval variation: Hold back lunge 32 extra counts.

32 Count Combo

Approach Moves Cts
Front L-step to end 4
End facing front walk up 3 & tap, back 3 & tap 8
End facing front lift step with abduction 4
End to front
1/4 hop turn to back of step, turn step 8
Front Lift steps with hip extension 2X 8
Repeat on opposite lead leg.

64Count Vertical Step Combo

Approach Moves Cts
End Basic step or double run 2 X's 8
End 1 T-step 8
End 3 Repeater Curls, 2X 16
Side 3 Repeater Knee off Side 8
Side Over the Top - Parallel Squat 8
Side Turn Step - 2 Jacks 8
Side Turn step, 2 jacks to end of step 8
Repeat on opposite lead leg.

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